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Ep 43 – Shaun Trout, Producer Concrete Lion Pictures

 Ep 43   Shaun Trout, Producer Concrete Lion Pictures

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In 1933, during “The Great Depression”, President Franklin D. Roosevelt initiated the Civilian Conservation Corps (“CCC”), a nationwide project to which enlisted young, unemployed men to preserve and improve our Nation’s lands by paving roads, constructing bridges and establishing the grounds of several of today’s National and State Parks. For Shaun Trout, Producer with Concrete Lion Productions, the CCC has a deeply personal connection to him and he’s just launched a kickstarted campaign to solicit funding to film the stories of these important individuals. Shaun shares with us:

Ep 42 – Trina Gregory, Se7en Bites Bakery Owner

 Ep 42   Trina Gregory, Se7en Bites Bakery Owner

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Episode 42 Show Notes

We know the biggest question you have is “Why does Se7en Bites Bakery have a 7 in it’s name?” Wonder know more, we asked Bakery Owner Trina Greogry that very question in our latest episode. She also shared with us:

  • How Se7en Bites Bakery got it’s start
  • The inspiration behind the Se7en Bites recipes
  • What it takes to bake 11,000 pies in one year

Ep 41 – Scott Joseph, Orlando Restaurant Critic

 Ep 41   Scott Joseph, Orlando Restaurant Critic

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Episode 41 Show Notes

Chances are, Orlando Restaurant Critic Scott Joseph has influenced you one time or another with his honest, timely and entertaining reviews of Orlando’s new and favorite restaurants. We caught up with Scott who shared with us:

  • How he got started writing restaurant reviews
  • How coverage of the restaurant industry has changed with the growth of social media
  • His opinion on Orlando’s Culinary Scene
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