Ep 47 – Will Benton, Faith Arts Village Orlando Executive Director

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Just off Colonial Drive on Highland Ave rests the Faith Arts Village Orlando (F.A.V.O.), a community space supported by the Park Lake Presbyterian Church where artists can paint, draw and create what inspires them and showcase their work to the Central Florida Community. But what makes this place unique is the fact that each studio space is inside a renovated motel room creating a vibrant community of art.

On today’s show we spoke with Will Benton, Executive Director of F.A.V.O to learn how he grew the community from it’s humble beginning of only four, open studios, to now having over 30 studios and a monthly event open to the public on the first Friday and Saturday of the month. Will shares with us:

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  • How the idea for Faith Arts Village Orlando got started
  • Insight into the some of the artists at the Faith Arts Village Orlando (including one who sculpts with chocolate)
  • How to become an artist at the Faith Arts Village Orlando
  • Where Will get his artistic inspiration from
  • And of course, his #MYORLANDO pick for who makes Orlando a vibrant community
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