Ep 48 – Don Price, Greenwood Cemetery Cemetery Sexton

Don Price Greenwood Cemetery

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Two years ago we participated in Greenwood Cemetery’s Moonlight History Stroll and were instantly impressed. Don Price, Cemetery Sexton and Cemetery Tour Guide is a masterful storyteller who takes participants on a two-hour guided stroll sharing the stories behind the notable figures of Orlando who call Greenwood Cemetery their permanent home.

Offered monthly, it’s not uncommon for the tour to sell out in minutes of the ticket release time because of it’s popularity. Today, Don talks to us about the rise in popularity of the Greenwood Cemetery Tour along with sharing:

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  • What is a Cemetery Sexton?
  • What you learn in cemetery school.
  • How the Moonlight History Stroll got started.
  • Why Fred Week’s Mausoleum is one of Don’s favorite stories to tell.
  • Where Don finds the material for his tours.
  • Whether or not the cemetery is haunted by the spirits of the deceased.
  • The connection Thomas Jefferson has to the City of Orlando.
  • How the spirits within Greenwood Cemetery are feeling.
  • Orlando’s death rate.
  • Plus… he answers a ton of listener questions, including when he’ll write his book, how the cemetery business is doing at the moment, how cemeteries consider sustainable land use and who the most famous person in the cemetery is!


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