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June Orlando Blog Post Picks

 June Orlando Blog Post Picks

For our Orlando Blog Post Picks for the month of June we thought we’d try something different with our featured image. The month is composed of letters from several landmarks throughout Central Florida that we visited during the past thirty days. Comment with your guesses on where we went. The answer will be revealed in our monthly newsletter! Be sure to subscribe!

Now, onto the blog posts…


Just in time for Independence Day Cook-Outs comes a Melted Caprese Recipe from Cook the Story. 

And if you need more caprese recipes, Katie’s Cucina has a Baked Caprese recipe.


While They Snooze: Offers a step-by-step tutorial on How to Make Chalk Paint.


Past guest Bess Auer recently made the leap and quit her full time job to accelerate her blogging career. She offers tips to those wanting to do the same. Congrats Bess!

The recent pilot program by Orlando City Hall to limit where food trucks can conduct business is naturally being met with a lot of disappointment. Flavorful Excursions shares an Open Letter to Orlando City Hall in the fight of government vs. small business.

Holdin’ Out For a Hero offers an argument about “Inspiration Porn” and the underlying message behind the things we may say to people with disabilities. Will stop and make you think.

The food photos of The Dessert Lady in Doctor Phillips Eat Tweet Party are reason enough to stop over to Forkful – they are strikingly beautiful!

The nostalgic look by Visual Ephemera in Revisiting Sandlando Springs really makes us wish we could have experienced “Old Florida”.


This is a great video find by featuring what animals in Africa would look like if they were overweight.

Theme Parks

Universal Orlando has been making some news with the recent openings of Transformers, Springfield and the new Harry Potter expansion. Orlando Informer provides an opinion of potential identity challenges the park will face as an immersive, themed environment.


Ever wonder what it must be like onboard one of the biggest cruise ships in the world? The World of Deej provides a review of the Oasis of Seas and everything that it has to offer.



Thanks for sharing my recipe! :)



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