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Specifically for PR & Marketing Professionals

We know you work hard to get your clients as much relevant coverage as possible. And we want to help. If you’re not familiar with working with podcasters, we’ve created this guide to help you learn more about how we can best work together.

What/Who We Cover

We like to share the stories of Central Floridians who help make Orlando a more vibrant place to live, work and play. We’re open to virtually anyone with an interesting story to tell (and can talk about that story for 20-30 minutes). Guests should live in the Central Florida area.

Past guests have included:

  • Small Business Owners
  • Non-Profit Leaders & Volunteers
  • Media (Bloggers & Journalists)
  • Musicians, Artists, Filmmakers, Speakers and other creative-types

Angles we like to cover include:

  • Stories of inspiration
  • Human interest/ lifestyle stories
  • Entrepreneurial endeavors
  • Launches of new products
  • Award Recipients for contributions to Orlando
  • Local participation in a national event or holiday (i.e. National Cupcake Day)
  • Stories of Central Floridians who have achieved something outside Orlando, but are returning back to town to celebrate or demonstrate that achievement
  • “Pillars” of community that have been in Orlando a long, long time

We’re open to your creative ideas too, including recording interviews at one of your events.

And since Orlando Water Hole is an internet talk show, the majority of our publishing happens via the spoken-word (vs. written blog posts). Guests must be willing to record via Skype or in-person for about 45-60 minutes.

What We Don’t Cover & The Loopholes Around That!

While we hate to say no, there are a few instances where we do turn down interview requests. Some of the most frequently cited reasons are included below… quickly followed up by how we can fit your client in.

  • Clients Without a Local Angle – Orlando Water Hole is about people who live in Central Florida contributing to the Orlando community. If you have a nationally-recognized client that is opening up a new location in Central Florida that’s generally not enough “local” to make it onto the show. However, we’d love to feature a local personality connected to the opening/event.
  • Event/Product Reviews – If your client has an event/product coming to town we’ll be happy to attend a preview of the event and share the experience via Instagram, Twitter or Facebook (in fact, we love posting photos on Instagram as it’s our most-engaged social network)… but we typically don’t write review-type recap posts and publish on the blog. We will however be happy to interview the locals involved in creating that event/product and feature them on the show

Even if your client isn’t someone who would be a “right-fit” for an interview, we do offer compensated, sponsorship opportunities to help raise awareness of your product/service/event. More details can be found on our sponsorship page.

Editorial Calendar

We strive to post once a week or every other week as the travel schedule of our host’s full-time job allows. If your client has time-sensitive needs, we’ll be happy to share if we can accommodate your release dates. We generally record on weekdays before 9 A.M. and after 5 P.M. and anytime on the weekend.

Please be aware that if you’re pitching an upcoming event, it may take a week or two for the show to go live from the day we record to the day it’s published. We suggest reaching out one month before your event to ensure timely coverage.

Additional Promotion

Each show is promoted on social media and in our newsletter before and after it is aired. Listeners are often asked in advance to submit questions of our guests to air on the show. Compensated sponsorship opportunities are also available to supplement an interview and/or stand alone to promote your client.

Media Kit

Click on the image below to access our Media Kit which includes our most recent statistics and additional sponsorship information. Ready to book? Contact us.

Orlando Water Hole Media Kit Photo

Contact Us

If you have a client that would be a great fit for the show, contact us. We look forward to working with you.

Additional Blogging Contacts

Orlando has an active, creative and diverse blogging community. To cover your event, you may also want to consider the following blogs, which we call our friends and colleagues: The Publicity Blog, Taste, Cook, SipThe OrlandoanCentral Florida Top 5The Daily City and Bungalower.