Ep 59 – Chris Allen & Kyle Trager, Hands On Orlando Team

May 5, 2015

Ep 59 – Chris Allen & Kyle Trager, Hands On Orlando Team

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Hands On Orlando is a non-profit organization that helps identify and manage volunteer opportunities around Central Florida that help improve the human condition. On an average month, Hands On Orlando helps manage volunteer projects for over twenty-five charities and has had volunteers from over sixty countries and all fifty states. We had an opportunity to speak with the Executive Director, Chris Allen and Community Partnerships Manager, Kyle Trager to learn more about this organization that has to-date, supported over 190,000 volunteers on over 5,200 projects.

Unlike other volunteer referral services, Hands On Orlando focuses on personally selecting and managing projects that actively engage volunteers so that they become inspired and want to continue to volunteer with that organization or with Hands On Orlando. Having helped over 300 different organizations, volunteers can pick an area that interests them personally.

In addition to all of the above, Chris and Kyle share with us:

  • A sampling of the volunteer projects Hands On Orlando organizes.
  • How they select agencies to work with.
  • How you can help fight ebola, advance human knowledge and cure cancer through donating your computer’s CPU time.
  • Why volunteering is a U.S. – Centric activity.
  • How to signup to become a volunteer.
  • And much more!

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