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Phil Santos Body Talk Party
June 15, 2015

Ep 63 – Phil Santos, Body Talk Party Founder & Director

Phil Santos Body Talk Party

Body Talk Party is an Orlando Dance Party that goes beyond music and dance. It has a bigger purpose to connect people, build community and create an environment where you can just express yourself for you who you are. Starting with the rule, “no cellphones on the dance floor” and creating spaces to dance, spaces to connect and moments to engage with strangers, guests have the ability to join a community that is growing larger with every event.

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Joshua Vickery Album Art
April 22, 2013

Ep 4 – Joshua Vickery, Founder/ Executive Director, Central Florida Community Arts

Joshua Vickery Album Art

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Episode 4

On today’s show we interview Central Florida Community Arts Founder/ Executive Director, Joshua Vickery and:

  • Learn about the grassroots efforts that made this organization grow
  • Discover how you can join Central Florida Community Arts
  • Get a preview to some of the upcoming events around town


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