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Subscribe to Every Orlando Blog’s RSS Feed

 Subscribe to Every Orlando Blogs RSS Feed

Looking to discover new Orlando Bloggers? Then look no further. We’ve compiled a list of over 245 Orlando Blogs and made it simple to subscribe to them with a Google Reader RSS Feed Bundle!

What’s an RSS Feed Bundle you may be wondering? Let us explain.

Suppose you like to read 10 blogs a day. Instead of typing in their individual web addresses to access their content (10 times, each and every day), you can subscribe to their RSS (real simple syndication) feed. Now you can use a tool like Google’s RSS Reader┬áto read all those blogs on one homepage on your home computer or smartphone. Google automatically accesses their blog content as soon as it is published.

Now if you wanted to subscribe to those 10 blogs, you’d have to subscribe to each blog (requiring 10 clicks). Our feed bundle saves you even more time. With one click, you’ll have access to all 245 Orlando Blogs. Wow!

Our Subscription Tip

We’ve been testing the feed for a few weeks now and have discovered that it can be a bit overwhelming as all those posts start arriving into your feed reader. We suggest giving each blogger a week to “show their stuff” (since some don’t publish every day), and if you aren’t enjoying what they’re writing, you can simply unsubscribe from their individual feed within the list, whilst (look at us, talking British English there) still remaining subscribed to all the others feeds.

More Feed Bundles by Niche

We’ve also created feed bundles for a few popular blog niches too. So if you’d rather be more selective in your subscriptions, you can pick and choose what topics to subscribe to.

Each time we update the feed we’ll post the revision date next to it, so you can be sure you have the most recent list.

Reading what the local bloggers are writing about is one of our favorite daily routines, and we’re sure you’ll agree.

Who’s your favorite, local blogger? Sound off in the comments!

And as an added bonus, us Central Florida Bloggers are participating in a “Blog Hop”. You can discover new CFL bloggers by clicking the links below.



Wow… that is awesome! Thanks for doing all that work.

And thanks for taking part in the Florida Blogger Blog Hop. Hopefully we’ll get more people next week!

Christie from


Our pleasure! I think you had a pretty good turn out! Maybe you could have a new theme each month?

John Frost

Is three a chance you can upload this as an OPML file?

John Frost

Never mind… just click on the bundle and there’s an OPML file you can download…. but remember you won’t get any updates that Ben makes to the bundle


You’ll have to educate me on this. Is there something else more that I should do?

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