The Orlando Dessert Project

Orlando Dessert Project

What Is The Orlando Dessert Project?

You’re probably wondering why on earth we are dedicating our blog to desserts. They have nothing to do with the guests we feature on our show. The truth of the matter is, you’re right. The only reason why we started The Orlando Dessert Project is because, well… if there’s one thing we love here at Orlando Water Hole aside from our guests it’s… dessert.

We love it so much we’re on a mission to discover every dessert and dessert place in Central Florida to find our favorites. From cupcakes to cookies, ice cream to pies and everything in between, we’re dedicated to sharing the best sweets that are worth the calories.

We’ll be documenting all our finds periodically on this blog and on Instagram so you can indulge yourself in some of the best sweets Central Florida has to offer. To help aid in your search, we’ve categorized the project into “Types of Dessert” and “Geography”. Use the categories and tags on the right-hand side of this page to help your search to satisfy your sweet tooth. 

We’re kicking it off with one of the best desserts we’ve had yet, Chocolate Pudding Cake. It’s the one featured in our logo. 

We’d love to know what some of your favorite desserts are too. Tag them on instagram with the hashtag #OrlandoDessertProject.