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Ep 46 – Jon Busdeker, Orlando Sentinel Multimedia Reporter

Jon Busdeker Orlando Sentinel Multimedia Reporter

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Jon Busdeker, Multimedia Reporter for the Orlando Sentinel, is the kind of guy we’d love to drink a beer with and just listen to him tell us stories about the people in Orlando he’s met as part of his work at the newspaper. In his most recent series, Jon traveled the whole of International Drive and documented the people, attractions, nightlife and stories of this tourist landmark in Orlando. On our show, Jon shares with us:


Ep 45 – Marc Middleton, Filmmaker of Conquering Kilimanjaro & CEO of Bolder Broadcasting Inc.

Marc Middleton Conquering Kilimanjaro Growing Bolder Album Art

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With an elevation of 19,341 feet Mt. Kilimanjaro is the highest peak in Africa and the namesake of the film Conquering Kilimanjaro, a documentary following a group of cancer survivors attempting to summit this challenging mountain. Today, we speak with the Marc Middleton, Founder and CEO of Bolder Broadcasting Inc. (also known as Growing Bolder) and filmmaker of the the documentary. Marc answers for us:

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Ep 43 – Shaun Trout, Producer Concrete Lion Pictures

Shaun Trout Album Art

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In 1933, during “The Great Depression”, President Franklin D. Roosevelt initiated the Civilian Conservation Corps (“CCC”), a nationwide project to which enlisted young, unemployed men to preserve and improve our Nation’s lands by paving roads, constructing bridges and establishing the grounds of several of today’s National and State Parks. For Shaun Trout, Producer with Concrete Lion Productions, the CCC has a deeply personal connection to him and he’s just launched a kickstarted campaign to solicit funding to film the stories of these important individuals. Shaun shares with us:


Episode 16 – Kyle Menard, Editor of BRINK Magazine

Kyle Menard Head Shot

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Episode 16

On today’s show we’re speaking with Kyle Menard, Entrepreneur and Editor of BRINK Magazine. Kyle talks with us about:

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  • Personal risk-taking
  • Entreprenuership
  • His summer job selling Italian Ice
  • Hiking through California.
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