Twistee Treat Strawberry Ice Cream Cone

Twistee Treat Ice Cream Cone


Strawberry Twistee Ice Cream in a Small Waffle Cone with a Chocolate Dip



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What Is It?

A small waffle cone with real strawberry ice cream dipped in a chocolate shell. Additional flavors and ice cream confections are also available.

Strawberry Ice Cream Cone


Around $3.50 (2015)

Worth The Calories?


Billed as “America’s Favorite Real Ice Cream”, the iconic ice cream cone-shaped buildings of Twistee Treat are a familiar landmark across Central Florida. Their menu is simple, soft-serve ice cream in a variety of flavors accented with the usual suspects of ice cream accompaniments: sprinkles, sauces and nuts.

Whether it’s the weekend or a week night, Twistee Treat is a popular destination for families, friends and individuals looking to satisfy their sweet tooth. Their prevalence in the area, combined with a drive thru make them an easy, affordable and convenient go-to ice cream shop when you’re craving ice cream.

For those reasons alone, Twistee Treat ranks high among many Central Floridians. Why else would their be a line several people (or cars) deep on a Tuesday night? But the #OrlandoDessertProject is about finding only the best desserts in Orlando, and Twistee Treat falls short.

It could be because we’re just not soft-serve fans… or because the moment you get your ice cream cone it melts as fast as a snowman in the dessert. It could also be the fact that the flavors available are just ordinary and for just a few dollars more, you can indulge in a pint of Ben & Jerry’s which is just a superior ice cream product. Most likely, it’s a combination of them all.

For the calories consumed, Twistee Treat just wasn’t worth it.

Bottom of Ice Cream Cone

Fun Fact

Just outside the order window is a “placemat” that reads: “#TwisteeSelfie” for you to take a shot with the building in the background. We didn’t.

Not So Fun Fact

Every time we go the service experience seems to be lacking. Under-trained employees and under-staffed locations seem to be the norm resulting in incorrect and inconsistent orders. I actually twice ordered chocolate ice cream and still got a strawberry cone.

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